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Traveling 100’s of miles to receive top notch Invisalign care is a thing of the past. Now, Dr. John, the only Top 1% VIP Invisalign Provider in North Dakota, and Dr. Nelson of Lisbon Smiles, can monitor your entire treatment remotely and right here in Lisbon.

"We loved Dr. Warford and the entire staff! They were all so friendly and welcoming and Dr. Warford is a miracle worker. My daughter’s teeth look amazing and she can now smile with confidence."

A. Moreno

"Lisbon Smiles is a top notch dentist. Dr. Nelson and his staff are super friendly, caring people who always make you feel comfortable when you're there. Dr. Nelson has the best equipment and technology. He always gets things done right the first time."

R. Burgh



Stunning results without ever “seeing” your orthodontist

In the age of Digital Orthodontics, all of your treatment planning is done via advanced computer software and 3D modeling to get the most precise results for your future smile. Dr. John, of Warford Orthodontics in Bismarck, and Dr. Nelson of Lisbon Smiles have teamed up to offer patients state-of-the-art technology and remote visits in providing patients a smile they have always wanted using Invisalign.

This means that Dr John can virtually create your treatment, and he and his team at Warford Orthodontics can virtually create and oversee your customized treatment - and you’ll never need to drive further than Dr. Nelson’s office!

See our patients before and after photos here.

Receive your custom treatment plan

Visit the team at Lisbon Smiles for your Invisalign assessment. They’ll gather all the important information Dr. John needs to create your dream smile. Using a virtual model, he’ll plan out every tooth movement and prescribe Invisalign clear aligners that are made just for you.

Complete weekly check-ups from your smartphone

Once Dr. Nelson has fit you with your Invisalign clear aligners, your weekly check-ups are as easy as taking a selfie. You’ll be able to take and upload photos of your smile from wherever you are. Our experienced orthodontic team will then review your progress to ensure everything is on track.

Visit Lisbon Smiles for any updates and your regular dental maintenance

Every 4-6 months, Dr. John may want you to see Dr. Nelson to make a change to your orthodontic care. When that happens, you’ll visit the team at Lisbon Smiles to have them oversee any appliance changes or modifications. You’ll also want to keep your regular dental appointments to ensure the overall health of your teeth during your treatment!

Dental Monitoring - an orthodontic check-up in the palm of your hand

There’s no need to visit the office to make sure your teeth are moving correctly. Dental Monitoring is the smartphone app that we use to carefully monitor every step of your Invisalign treatment plan from afar. You can take and upload photos each week from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you might be!

Dental Monitoring

Two experienced clinics, one stunning smile. Partners in orthodontic care.

Warford Orthodontics and Lisbon Smiles are combining their expertise to provide Lisbon patients with world-class orthodontic care. The convenient OrthoInsight treatment plan uses a mix of virtual and in-person visits to give you the dream smile you’ve always wanted.


Lisbon Smiles Assessment

  • Complete your dental assessment, which includes x-rays, photos, a digital 3D scan, and dental exam.
  • Receive your custom plan. Dr. Nelson will provide you with your proposed treatment plan and answer any questions. You can also opt to schedule a video conference with Dr. John.
  • Get started! Dr. Nelson will fit your Invisalign clear aligners onto your teeth and provide you with all the information you need to know for a successful treatment experience.
  • Review your progress. With weekly checkups, in-person visits are needed every 4-6 months to check the alignment of your teeth and make any updates that Dr. John may prescribe.
  • Reveal your new smile. At the end of your Invisalign treatment, the team at Lisbon Smiles will remove your Invisalign clear aligners once and for all, take x-rays again, and scan your mouth for your custom retainers.

Dr.Nelson Dr. Nelson
Dr.Warford Dr. Warford

Virtual Visits

  • Create an intelligent smile. Warford Orthodontics will input over 170 parameters into their software to design your custom smile.
  • Start weekly check-ups. Each week, you’ll upload your progress photos to the Dental Monitoring app for them to review.
  • Follow the instructions for your retainers. Once you receive your retainers, it’s important to follow the plan for at-home care and wear them as recommended to keep that beautiful smile.
  • Keep smiling. You don’t need us for this one! Show off your new grin and enjoy the boost of confidence that comes from a beautiful smile.

Get ready for your dream smile with OrthoInsight

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